Swim City is the only national learn to swim program teaching exclusively in the Positive Performance Method, developed by the Northeast’s best swim club, the Long Island Aquatic Club.

The Positive Performance Method was developed by world-class coaches with over 30 years experience developing champion swimmers.  The evidence is our record: in the past 20 years, Long Island Aquatic Club has won more titles and set more records than every other New York City area program combined.

Our approach to swim instruction is revolutionary. Instead of water survival and pushing the student outside, we follow a progression based on continuity, creating confidence and proper form at a far higher level than the status quo swim process that pervades most organizations.

Our Head Coaches train each of our swim instructors, resulting in the highest level of quality and consistency.  Rather than merely certifying our instructors, we continually work with them so that they continue to develop.

We are committed to developing each swimmer according to the safest and most scientifically effective methods. We constantly Develop, Evaluate, and Strengthen our progressions so that there is continuity and effective learning, from beginner to Olympian.

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