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Spend as much time training your brain as you do your body! The Sports Psychology department at USA Swimming has put together a Mental Toolbox to help you achieve your swimming goals. Included in the toolbox are lessons, self-tests, and more. For example, the section on goal setting asks you to write out, "What were this weeks goals?".

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Total Immersion Pool Primer for Freestyle and Backstroke : The TI Way

Articles about Butterfly

Butterfly Made Easy (By Terry Laughlin)
Teaching butterfly using mirrors and fins (By Bob Magg)
The fly finish (By Dan Thompson)

Articles about Backstroke

Teaching backstroke with mirrors (By Michael Cody)

Articles about Breaststroke

An unbiased analysis of the four strokes (By Laurie Kilmartin)
Breaststroke taper and shave (By Wayne McCauley)
Faster breaststroke (By Wayne McCauley)
Teaching breaststroke (By David Salo)
The modern breaststroke (By Wayne McCauley)

Articles about Freestyle

Disregard the following ... (By Terry Laughlin)
Distance per stroke (By Emmet Hines)
Distance Swimming Made Easy ... and Smart (By Terry Laughlin)
Longer boats are faster (By Terry Laughlin)
Longer not faster strokes (By Terry Laughlin)
Pressing the buoy and not the T (By Terry Laughlin)
Swim like a fish (By Daniel Drollette)
Swimming in circles (By Emmet Hines)
The secret to a powerful freestyle (By David Costill)
Training for middle-distance and distance swimming events (By David Pyne)

Articles about Starts & Turns

Assume the position! (By Emmet Hines)
Freestyle relay starts (By Rowdy Gaines)
Tech tips: Misty Hyman (By Brent Rutemiller)
The backstroke start (By Clay Britt)
The backstroke turn - simplified (By Wayne McCauley)
The breaststroke turn (By John Moffet)
The starting block (By Wayne McCauley)
The starting block - part 2 (By Wayne McCauley)
The starting block - part 3 (By Wayne McCauley)

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